ICAP Committees

ICAP 2018 is being organized under the oversight of the following committees, which are dedicated to putting together the best possible congress.

Congress Co-Presidents

  • Peter Graf
  • David Dozois

Visioning Committee

  • David Dozois, (Chair, Co-President)
  • Peter Graf (Co-President)
  • Janel Gauthier (IAAP)
  • Karen Cohen (CPA)
  • Suzanne MacDonald (CCDP – Council of Canadian Departments of Psychology)
  • Rupal Bonli (CCPPP – Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs)
  • Martin Drapeau - Ordre des psychologues du Quebec (OPQ)

Finance Committee

  • Phil Bolger (Chair)
  • Karen Cohen
  • Rose Ironside
  • Anjali Mohan
  • Lisa Votta-Bleeker

Organizing Committee

Oversees overall planning, communications, and sponsorship; Communications and Sponsorship tasks to be addressed via working groups from within the Organizing committee

  • Lisa Votta-Bleeker (co-Chair)
  • Anjali Mohan (MCI, co-Chair)
  • Kathy Lachapelle-Pétrin (CPA Convention Department)
  • Alisha Hewson
  • Agnieszka Arkuszewski
  • Stephanie Miksik (CPA Communications Coordinator)
  • Meagan Hatch (CPA Public Relations)
  • Cara Bernard (CPA Manager of Governance and Sections Administration)
  • David Dozois (ICAP Co-President)
  • Peter Graf (ICAP Co-President)
  • Milton Hackel (IAAP)
  • Patrick Baillie (CPA President)

Scientific Program Committee

  • Peter Graf (Chair)
  • David Dozois
  • Kevin Kelloway
  • Lynn Hasher
  • Martin Drapeau
  • Lisa Votta-Bleeker

Scientific Program Advisory Members (members will change as Chair/Director terms end)

The advisory board will include:

  • Presidents, Presidents-Elect and Liaison Officers of all Divisions of the IAAP & the Chairs of all Sections of the CPA
  • Chair of the Canadian National Committee for the IUPsys
  • Chair of the CPA’s International Relations Committee
  • CPA Directors responsible for Science and Scientific Affairs