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Link yourself to a world-wide network of like-minded colleagues with opportunities to develop close cooperation and exchanges in research, teaching, and the practice of applied psychology.

Members may, through their participation in the IAAP Divisions, influence the form and content of the international congresses. Border spanning friendships and cooperative partnerships develop through activities in IAAP’s Divisions, among Divisions, and among applied psychologists and colleagues of other cooperating disciplines.

Top 7 Reasons to Join the IAAP Now:

  1. Become a member of the largest international association for applied psychology and participate to make applied psychology stronger globally.
  2. Receive the regular quarterly bulletin and monthly newsletter and one of two applied psychology journals.
  3. Receive other journals at a substantial rate decrease, e.g. The European Work and Organizational Psychologist, the International Journal of Human Resource Management, Human Relations.
  4. Become a member of an exciting group of international scholars, scientists and practitioners who are interested in advancing applied psychology, and who want to cooperate with peers from around the world.
  5. Support IAAP’s efforts internationally to help make applied psychology accepted in various countries.
  6. Join the International Congresses for a reduced fee. The next conference is in Montreal, Canada in June 2018.
  7. Reduced membership available for student members and members from low income countries.

Please visit www.iaapsy.org/membership.

If you have any queries, please contact IAAP Membership Services at: membership@iaapsy.org