Congress Speakers


Kenneth Craig

Dr. Kenneth Craig, CPA President 1986-1987

Symposium: Applying our understanding of the psychosocial parameters of pain

Keith Dobson

Dr. Keith Dobson, CPA President 1993-1994

Keynote: Title TBC

Kevin Kelloway

Dr. Kevin Kelloway, CPA President 2015-2016

Keynote: Title TBC

Catherine Lee

Dr. Catherine Lee, CPA President 2008-2009

Format and Title TBC

Wolfgang Linden

Dr. Wolfgang Linden, CPA President 2014-2015

Keynote: The role of Psychology in heart disease and cancer: Observations on similarities and differences made during a professional lifetime

Patrick O’Neill

Dr. Patrick O’Neill, CPA President 2003-2004

Professor Emeritus
Acadia University

Keynote: Psychology and social responsibility: Some merits and demerits

David Olson

Dr. David Olson, CPA President 1988-1989

Symposium: Literacy

Daniel Perlman

Dr. Daniel Perlman, CPA President 2005-2006

Keynote: Loneliness

Peter Suedfeld

Dr. Peter Suedfeld, CPA President 1998-1999

Focus of Lecture: Format and Title TBC

Robert J. Vallerand

Dr. Robert J. Vallerand, CPA President 2006-2007

Symposium: The role of passion in people’s life