The Advanced Research Training Seminar (ARTS) is currently looking for twenty to twenty-five engaged students with experience and passion for research (Masters level or higher preferred) in psychology to become participants for ARTS 2018, which will be held as a part of the ICAP 2018.


The ARTS are capacity-building workshops that take place every four years in conjunction with the International Congresses of Applied Psychology (ICAP). ARTS promote excellence in research skills and facilitate exchange and dialogue amongst early career scientists. ARTS are organized by the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP).


ARTS has several components:

  1. Learning – Participants have the opportunity to follow several online seminars on general topics (e.g., writing funding application, performing statistics, and knowledge about particular aspect of psychology).
  2. Research – ARTS participants work on a project with their peers in groups of three to five people. Team projects are defined and led by the team leaders and consist of creation of a research protocol on a specific topic.
  3. Feedback - During ARTS, participants have the opportunity to present their own research (poster) and to receive feedback from their peers and team leaders.
  4. Presentation - Teams will present their team project at the symposium organized by ICAP 2018 and will have an opportunity to hear suggestions from renowned experts.


ARTS participants will have to apply for one of the proposed projects.
The project will be communicated mid-February.


  • Commit to (approximately) a 6-month project
  • Collaborate with transcontinental team on previously determined research topic
  • Partner with team leader and teammates to incorporate feedback into project
  • Participate in online seminars
  • Travel to the site of the ICAP, 2018 (Monteral, Canada) where ARTS will take place and participate in presentation of research to peers


  • Collaborate with peers on a current research topic of interest
  • Network with peers from around the world
  • Enhance your resume/CV by working on an international project
  • Meet leading scholars and renowned experts in the research area of your interest
  • Opportunity to present at an international conference
  • Housing accommodations for ARTS workshop (23rd and 24th of June) will be free of charge provided by IAAP for the ARTS program participants
  • Breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks will also be provided by IAAP during ARTS workshop (24th and 25th of June)
  • IAAP one year membership will also be offered free of charge.


To apply for ARTS, you must be:

  • A Masters or PhD student exhibiting research skills and experience in research design
  • Willing to commit to an approximately 6-month long project
  • Having registered and paid the registration fees for ICAP 2018.
  • Being able to travel to Montreal at your own expenses, Quebec and attend ARTS seminar at ICAP 2018

The call for participants will be launch mid-February.
Deadline for submitting applications is March 16, 2018.

The application should be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Cover letter with a statement of why you are interested in ARTS
  • CV/Resume
  • Receipt of the registration for ICAP